vintage platignum aeormetric fountain pen with needle F Nib


vintage Platignum aerometric  fountain pen with Unique needle F gold plated nib

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vintage Platignum fountain pen with aerometric filler and unique needle F nib,  Made in England. Pen is in used good working condition.

Vintage Platignum  aero filler  fountain pen with F nib Specifications:

Brand : Platignum
Model :  fountain pen
Colour: Jet black
Capped Length  : 130 mm
Length Without cap: 118 mm
Posted  Length : 148 mm.
Weight: 18 gms

Body material: Plastic
Cap Type: Pull cap
Nib Size & Material: Unique Platignum needle Fine gold plated nib
Ink Filler:  Converter ink filling
Made in :  England

Condition of the pen :

Gently used, with some tear of wear of usage. no major damage to pen , no dents on the barrel. writes fine point with no feed-back. No patches or fixes done by antikcart. Ink not leaking through nib and feed, we have tested the pen with  light taps on tail end while the nib is face down, ink does not spill. No teeth or chew marks on barrel. The barrel comparatively looks clean.  The section thread area has some holding mark, considering and age and use, the holding mark looks natural.

Barrel to  nib section fitting :-     snug fitting,  no loose parts
Converter  to  nib section fitting :-    Snug fit, converter is in perfect condition , no ink leaking
Scratches :-    No deep, projected scratches. There are some scratches result of usage, consider the age,  the marks and  scratches are normal, there are few, but overall it looks good.
Bents :-    No visible bent to barrel or cap
Dents :-     no dents on barrel or cap.
Crack :-    No crack on body or cap. Further on loop inspection we did not find any crack filling by previous owner.
Colour :-   Barrel colour is clear, no fading seen. Cap also appears to be gently used, steel trim appears good on cap.
Cap :-       Snug fit.  screw cap is checked for grip  while clipped in shirt pocket.
Nib :-        Platignum needle golden  F nib is in place,  nib writes very smooth, with natural age transition, nib is not grind. perfect Medium writing.
Cap Posting :-    Yes, well balanced while posted, nib dont miss while writing, due to cap weight .

Restoration details

Pen with original condition, all original components in place and working. No restoration from our side. however,  the converter fitted with this pen is the universal piston converter, perfectly.

clean used condition,  aerometric filler fountain pen in used working condition. we will be again inking the pen before shipping for testing purposes, but the pen will be dried and cleaned before shipping.

Please check all the photographs. there is clear detailed closeup to clarify any of your doubts. No refund or exchange available for this item. buy this pen only after clarifying all your doubts.

* Price 850 INR is for a single platignum aerometric filler black barrel fountain pen  with needle  F gold plated  nib  + FREE  gift  pen box *

Packing, Shipping & Delivery

Packing :  Three layer packing is free. Pen will be packed the gift pen box, wrapped with a bubble roll, and  covered with another layer foam , and again repacked with cartons.

Shipping partners : India post speed  is our preferred mode.   escalated Air shipping (private courier companies)  to selected cities available on additional payment.

Delivery time : The product will be shipped from Southern India, Kerala.  There will be considerable delay in delivering items to far remote locations from Kerala. there will be an added delivery delay to remote locations like Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Uttarakhand, Mizoram.

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