Handmade paper pens with a seed – 10 pens lot- Charity – Please support


Vintage Not used pilot eyedropper  fountain pens with Pilot F gold plated nib

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Support Vishnu,  A poor soul, and a fighter.!

Vishnu, an unlucky young man, native of idukki in Kerala, met with an accident in 2017 in kerala,  that left a major impact on his life.  He became paralyzed immediately after the accident,  one and only revenue source of his family was bedridden forever.

Unable to go back to his earlier carpentry and masonry work,  Vishnu is now making paper seed pens and paper bags to make some bucks for his treatment and feed the family.   Please buy his product and support this poor fellow.

He was selling 7 INR per pen, We are listing 10 pens as a lot here,  anyone who can afford to buy 10 pens will need to pay 120 INR including shipping.  If you want to take only 5 pens, please let us know.  We can send you 5 pens for 75 INR including shipping anywhere in India.

We shall provide more details about his accident and details later,  but  there is a TV report about his fate on a regional new channel, please check it out (the report is in Kerala language,  but you can figure out the story) :



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