4 pen lether pouch
4 pen lether pouch genuine-leather-pen-pouch-four-jumbo-fountain-pens genuine-leather-pen-pouch-four-jumbo-fountain-pens-with-separators genuine-leather-pen-pouch-4-jumbo-fountain-pens genuine-leather-pen-pouch-4-Jumbo-fountain-pens genuine-leather-pen-pouch-4-jumbo-fountain-pens-closeup genuine-leather-pen-pouch-four-jumbo-fountain-pens-original genuine-leather-pen-pouch-four-jumbo-fountain-pens-saddle-tan leather-pen-pouch-four-jumbo-fountain-pens-saddle-tan-genuine leather-pen-pouch-four-jumbo-fountain-pens-saddle-tan-with-separators

genuine leather pen pouch for 4 jumbo pens – Saddle Tan

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Product Description

Genuine leather 4 pen pouch case with pen separators and  magnetic flap lock | 100% genuine leather pen case for fountain pens exclusively by MARK II.

4 pen pouch Leather  case. Genuine 100% leather pen pouch with pen separators and  magnetic flap lock,  Pure Indian expensive leather.  The pen case stores upto 4 jumbo pens, with pen separators

Brand : MARK II
Model : Leather Pen pouch case
Colour: Saddle Tan natural
Length :  170 mm
Width : 70 mm.
height :  35 mm (while filled with pens)
Weight: 80.g
Body material: Genuine 100%  leather. Thicker layered full leather with magnetic flap cover and pen separators.
Pens storage capacity :  4  jumbo pens.
Made in :  India
Special Notes :  The whole pen pouch case made of pure, high grade leather.  Not artificial leatherPlease check all the photographs. there are clear detailed closeup photos to clarify your doubts.
* Price is for single genuine leather MARK II brand pen pouch case with magentic flap cover as you see in the Pictures with Measurement listed above *
##  Package Contents ,  Shipping & Delivery ##
1. Genuine leather pen case packed in waterproof polythene packing material.
Packing :  Packing is done in a waterproof material and wrapped in Bubble-wrap, then again packed in a carton box.
Shipping partners :  This pen case will be sent through India post international.
Delivery time :  Product will be shipped from Southern India, Kerala.  There will be considerable delay in delivering items to far remote locations from Kerala. there will be added delivery delay to remote locations like Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Uttarakhand, Mizoram.

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