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Antique Attractive Artwork Brass Nazhi Glass

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Product Description

Antique Artwork Brass Nazhi Glass

Antikcart brings to you an exquisite reinterpretation of the classic nazhi glass in brass with beautiful artwork, handcrafted by our master craftsmen. Plays an excellent decor or an gift. This is an old measurement method used especially when weighing grains like rice or wheat in ancient days. this item almost disappeared from even old tharavadus. This measurement tool is made of bell brass and coated with country silver aka kaattu velli(in Malayalam).

Two naazhi glass full of grain is counted as one edangazhi and ten edangazhi of grains is calculated as one para. This in modern days, one naazhi is half-a-kilo and one edangazhi is one kilo and one para is 10 kilos.

You would definitely wanna have this on your dining table. The intricate design artwork on it is gonna steal your guests attention for some moments. Antikcart presents a wide range of collectibles and vintage decor. It is an excellent style decor to add in your interiors or just add them to your personal collectibles. This takes you back to some early ages giving you some nostalgic moments. This Vintage style just never goes out of fashion.

Size in CMS :

Height : 12.5 cms
Upper Diameter : 9 cms
Bottom Diameter : 5.5 cms

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